S4/5/6 – National 3/4/5

Pupils will study the following areas in National 3/4/5:

1.   Social Issues in the UK

  • Differences in health and wealth in the UK and their consequences
  • Responses to tackling these differences

2.   International Issues – World Power and/or World Issue

  • Study of a world power – United States of America
  • Political issues in USA
  • Social and economic issues affecting the USA
  • Responses to solving the above issues


  • Study of a global issue and it’s affect on Scotland – Terrorism
  • Causes of terrorism
  • Consequences of terrorism.
  • Responses to dealing with terrorism

3.   Democracy in the UK

  • How MPs represent their constituents
  • Functions of Parliament
  • Participation in democracy
  • How is democracy influenced

4.  Assignment – Crime in the United Kingdom or similar

  • The causes of crime
  • The impact of crime
  • How to deal with crime